Flavors of Fruitvale

Food has always played a significant role in the Oakland Dia de los Muertos Festival, you can still get your favorite food and pan dulce in person or delivered to you.

Click on the button below to see a list of restaurants around the festival area. The gallery below is an example of some of our favorite mom-and-pop restaurants.

Pan de Muerto

Pan de Muerto is a key element in the Day of the Dead Altar, along with the chocolate, tamales, and many other traditional dishes. The bread represents an offering made to the departed loved one. While the family members are the ones who eat the Pan de Muerto physically, it is believed that when the spirit returns during the Day of the Dead, it can be nourished by the “essence” of the bread (and any other offerings that have been left for it).

As for the shape, there are countless differing stories and explanations, but most will tell you that the pieces forming a cross are meant to symbolize the bones of the dead. On top of the bun is a small ball or nub, which some say is a teardrop, representing the tears shed for the dead.

Get your Pan de Muerto at a Fruitvale Bakery! Only available mid-October to November 2nd.